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Get Listed
  Basic Listing
  Basic listing and link below feature listings*.  
  Includes basic contact information (address and phone number)  

* For information on how to have your business featured on this site please read below.

  Feature Listing
  Get noticed ahead of your competitors with a feature listing above the basic listings (in first come first served order).
  Stand out with space for an image (or logo) next to your listing for greatly increased brand awareness and listing impact.    
  Sell your services with space for a description with your listing (up to 25 words)    
  Get your message across to our thousands of users on your own dedicated feature page on the Simply Carlisle website. You can also include your logo, 3 to 4 images and up to 300 words of text.
  Pay nothing today - we will invoice you for this order, pay quarterly or annually.    
  Just £249.00+VAT Per Year    
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