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Clubs and Societies in Carlisle
  Carlisle and District Speakers Club
The Club was founded in September 1982 and was originally known as Carlisle Ladies Speakers Club. We started with five ladies, three of whom are still members, and over the next five years increased to a membership of twenty-seven.
  Carlisle Canoe Club
Carlisle Canoe Club is an active canoe and kayak club with about seventy members participating in whitewater river running, playboating, Canadian canoeing (open canoeing), sea paddling, surfing, and canoe polo.
  Carlisle Green Room Club
Throughout its life Carlisle Green Room has supported drama in the City and County. For a number of years after the closure of Her Majesty's Theatre we were the only club in the City keeping the interest in live theatre going. In recent years small independent groups have sprung up only to fade away again. The Club has been the only consistent voice.
  Carlisle Small Arms Club
From its humble beginnings in the late 1970`s Carlisle Small Arms Club has developed into a facility, which it members believe is one of the best shooting clubs in the North West.
  Carlisle Snowsports Club
Carlisle Snowsports Club is a none profit making organization the club exists to provide ski facilities and instruction from beginners up to and including advanced skiers and snowboarders.
  Friends of the Settle Carlisle Line
The Friends of the Settle Carlisle Line were formed in 1981 to campaign against a proposal to close this famous historic and scenic route, and in 1989 the Government decided that the line must remain open.
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